Top technology websites to follow

The internet is brimming with many tech websites. Here are the top 18 tech sites to check out. Some are specialist and others provide everything related to tech.

The best technology websites to follow

1. Wired

Wired is as swift and diverse as the industry it is covering. It has articles about every aspect of technology and how it impacts our lives. It also covers transportation, administrative issues security, as well as culture. The tone is light and clear.

2. MIT Technology Review

If you are looking to gain an understanding of technology and technology ภงด 50 ภงด 51, then understanding the differing views of MIT is vitally important. It is not surprising that this is a genuine website that is designed to help teach the masses about technology.

3. TechCrunch

TechCrunch provides the most up-to-date information regarding technology, applications and programming updates. There’s even an app that which you download the app , and they’ll notify you of any new technology announcements!

4. Gizmodo

Gizmodo says that its staff members “come directly from the future” that’s why it’s the site remains at the forefront of information about technology. Since its inception at the beginning of 2002 Gizmodo is at the top of its pack in technology websites.

5. fast Company

fast Company, which was established in November 1995 is focused on tech advancement, activity, as well as international development, enhancing their effect on business. It’s a must-read site for business leaders.

6. The Verge

In 2011, the Verge was founded. The Verge is a blended media firm that studies the impact of technology on our lives and future. The Verge creates media for the average person that cuts through the technology language to make information accessible to all.

7. NYT Bits

The Bits area of “The The New York Times” provides a comprehensive and thorough analysis of the latest happenings that are happening in Silicon Valley and the latest technological advancements in business. Tech news breaking news requires you to be aware of the ongoing twists of developments.

8. Mashable

Mashable is an enormous multi-channel media, offering all-year round articles and reviews on technology and technology culture. The website has 45 million monthly users

9. Business Insider

Although Business Insider doesn’t just cover tech, its clever and thorough examination of all aspects of the business world and current culture makes it a leading source for the latest technology news.

12. Recode

Recode is a news and development website that concentrates on the most current news coming of Silicon Valley. It’s relatively new, being launched in January 2014, but it has a wide array of data from experts. Additionally”Recode Daily” is a zone that “Recode Daily” area guarantees a consistent review piece to dive into.

13. Ars Technical

Ars Technical (which interprets as Art of Technology, in case you’re curious) is a technology website specifically designed for IT experts and super geeks.

14. Techloner

Techloner is a source of the most current technology news and is a reputable tech website that is growing quickly in its popularity. It offers information on most up-to-date technology news, updates to programming and reviews of the top technology items

15. Android Authority

While some sites provide everything, other sites concentrate on a specific area of technology. One of the best models can be found in Android Authority, which is an essential resource for the global android users. This is your best resource for all things related to android.

16. CNET

CNET is focused on how technology influences our lives. CNET distributes information through its applications, websites including RSS channel accounts, accounts, all of the huge media platforms, as well as an annual print magazine.

17. VentureBeat

In 2006, the venture was established. VentureBeat is a major site for news about tech advancements. It features content from several experts, who speak to an average of 18 million monthly users

18. Programmer Noon

Programmer Noon, a self-sufficient technology blog that is aiming to be “the method by which software engineers begin their evenings .” The website’s main selling point is that it’s a sensible and free method of managing the latest tech news and ideas and responsibilities of over 77,000 columnists.


This is the top 18 tech sites to follow in our opinion. check them out and if find them enjoyable, like we do, then put them in your bookmarks!

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